Life is hard but, but how about...

...always letting your heart be lighter than a feather.

How can poetry be so beautiful?

"I Carry Your Heart with Me" 

by poet and paiter Edward Estlin Cummings (E.E. Cummings)

I have no copyright to write it here, so please find it and read it.

I wish I had known this before, but sure I will share some of knowledge with you

Pregnancy: Eat food recomended by public health. If you can not eat like recomended then take your vitamins and minerals, but dont ever take too much of them. In countries with little or no sunshine during the winter you need to take vitamin D. It is important for development of teeth of your baby etc. 


Birth: During the birth of your baby, dont let them cut the umbilical cord while it is still pulsating. If you do then your baby will loose a lot of nutrients, oxygen, iron, stemcells and wil be more prone to infectoins. You can find a lot information on this.  

If you during end of pregnancy feel that something is not right, do not accept to be sent home to wait. That is a signal that your baby is ready to come out to this world. Your baby may get poisoned by amniotic fluid if you wait too long. 


After birth try to use "push-inn" around your waist to make your uterus go back to normal.

Take your child to dentist when they get their six-year molars (first permanent teeth), and learn how to clean teeth properly. In Norway and Europe there are a lot of children with enamel problems. Often six-year molars, but also other teeth. It seems that nobody knows why. There must be something in the water?!

Again vitamins (especially vitamin D) and minerals are of huge importance during growth. 


Fantom pain: Mirror therapy. 

Beans (including bean sprouts), peas and lentils, also called legumes  prevent and fight cancer. The foods in this vegetable subgroup include beans (kidney beans, pinto beans, white beans, black beans, lima beans, fava beans), dried peas (chickpeas, black-eyed peas, pigeon peas, split peas) and lentils

Curcumin (Curcuma, Turmeric) is also important in fighting cancer cells. You can find a lot of information about this on the internet, but be careful if you use blood-thinning drugs. 

Covid 19 infection: Vitamins K1 and K2 can make better prognosis of covid 19 infection.  But do not use too high dosage, and never without asking your doctor if you use medication of type warfarin, that is used as an anticoagulant (blood thinner). If you use other anticoagulants it is also recomended to speak to your doctor first

Microbiome/Microbiota: More important for our healt than thought earlier. You can improve your gut bacteria by eating right type of food. You may change your microbiota by "Fecal Microbiot`\\\\a Transplant"

 The vagus nerve, historically cited as the pneumogastric nerve, the tenth cranial nerve is responsible for comunication gut-brain and that is why bad microbiota can give symptoms in central nervous system, inflamation procesess etc. They call it The gut-brain connection, and yes it works both ways.

There is more focus on potential interactions between the microbiome and autism spectrum. 


Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS) is a clinical diagnosis given to children who have a dramatic – sometimes overnight – onset of neuropsychiatric symptoms including obsessions/compulsions or food restriction. They are often diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or an eating disorder, but the sudden onset of symptoms separates PANS from these other disorders. In addition, they may have symptoms of depression, irritability, anxiety, and have difficulty with schoolwork. The cause of PANS is unknown in most cases but is thought to be triggered by infections, metabolic disturbances, and other inflammatory reactions.

Like PANS, children with Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal Infections (PANDAS) have an acute onset – within 2 to 3 days – of neuropsychiatric symptoms, specifically OCD or tics (involuntary, purposeless movements). However, PANDAS patients test positive for a recent streptococcal infection, such as strep throat, peri-anal strep or scarlet fever. Like PANS patients, they also may suffer from uncontrollable emotions, irritability, anxiety and loss of academic ability and handwriting skills. Although PANDAS was identified as a medical syndrome more than a decade before PANS, it has been classified as a subset of PANS. To date, PANDAS is the only known subset of PANS, but we may discover more causes in the future (Cited from "Stranford Children`s Health")

Water has memory

Heart and brain coherence. Heart has memory, heart is our second brain. 

Cancer and blood transfusion: never ever do this unless all values are acute lifetreatening low. Blood transfusion gives worse cancer prognosis, increased cancer recurrence and increased mortality.

Planck and the golden ratio + frequency. Power og sound/ultrasound. This is even difficult for the experts, but if you understand this, you are a geniuous, and maybe you will understand the secret of the universe.

5G is actually weapon. Fantastic for technology development, but it is killing us humans softly. 

We are not really free. Just ask your self what is freedom for you? How far can you get without documents, cell phone, your credit card, even if you have your own earnd money-you can not use it anymore. If you want to be part of society, you have to sell your soul to the society. Just try to be a part of one webinar or meeting and look at what you really agree to sign under.   I,robot (like the movie) is getting more and more real for every day and we are lettig it happen.

Somethning is wrong in bank/money system that we can not contol. Digitalisation that 50% of people can not be a part of. 

Freedom is lost. Can we gain/win it back? 

Reduce pollution and plastic by comission including experts, adults,  youth and children that controls how much plastic is necessary in packaging different products before they get on the marked. And change packaging alternative for products that are allready on marked.  Also drinking glass that can be recycled should be marked as recycleable. More recycleable drinking glass should be made. 

GMO: Monsanto and Bayer almost total control over both seeds and pesticides and herbicides. Even thougt most people dont care about whether or not their food is GMO it should be human right to be able to choose. I would definitely not choose to eat GMO  food. I think that there is connection in GMO, processed unhealthy low nutritional quality food, environmental (for eksample pesticides) factors, new coctails of vaccines that trigger immune system and mental health in people (children) . Time will show.    

2-DeoxyGlucose in cancer treatment


Human interferon alpha (hIFNα)- ONLY LOW DOSE WORKS!

This is from an article by Lidija Gnjidic and newspaper "Slobodna Dalmacija" 

Natural human leukocitarian interferon = HLI is extremely efficient in preventing and treating virus diseasis, flu-diseases, cervical cancer and other cancer types caused by human pappiloma viruses (HPV), breast cancer, brain cancer, melanomas and other viral caused cancer types. It was also effective against mutant virus diesases. And most important almost without side effects. HLI had no citotoxic effects (like chemotherapy), but slowed down division of cell and has antitumor and antiviral properties, ant on top of that it stimulates immune system to destroy cancer cells proved by clinical trials  wit patients with breast cancer, recidiv pappilomatosis of urinary bladder and viral Hepatitis B.

Recombinant Interferon = syntetic inteferon is made by bacteria and has 1 or 2 fractions. it produce antibodies and has side effects, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric side effects. This one is widely used 

Natural Interferon has 23 fractions and almost no side effect. 


Dr Eugen Soos (died 2017, 88 years old), veterinarian with doctor degree in virology,  immunologist expert for production of human interferon alpha back in old Yugoslavia /Jugoslavia or Jugoslavija (in origina language) by Institute of Immunology. 

He was transfered from Institute of Hygiene to the institute of Immunology and was then working in Moscow academy (Soviet Union USSR) researching in development of tick borne encephalitis and learning about interferon. Drago Ilkic director of Immunology institute in Yugoslavia, also famous immunologist was interested in development.

When Dr. Eugen Soos was leaving Moscow Dr. Solovjev, Dr. Eugen Soos`s mentor told him that he hoped that he(Dr Soos) would  make even better interferon product than they had at that time. 

Seventies and eighties Immunology institute was producing high quality vaccines for Yugoslavia and export and interferon in oinment, oil, ampules and vaginal suppositories.

In 2017 when Dr Soos was interviewed Instutute of Immunology is not producing anything is decommisioned. and he describes shutting down production of HLI as genocide of women regarded of how effective this product was in treatment of diseases listed above. Women were 100% healty, diseasefree in 3-4 or maximum 9 treatments.

Also after use of inteferon vagitories women that could not get pregnant got pregnant even they did not have detected viral or bacterial infection. 

Together with profesor Bratko Filipic from Ljubljana he had patent on HLI (human leucocit interferon) with holocen mineral that made 400000-500000 active units in one ml of medicine. It is a mineral that has different amount of minerals sodium, calcium, magnesium...


KORONAVIRUS: Hrvatska je mogla imati najučinkovitiji mogući antivirusni pripravak, no odbili su ulagača! |

Product on marked today 

(Intron A. Alfaferone (Interferin Alfa-2b) italian is purified and had weaker effect than that made in old Yogoslavia. Natural is today still made in Hungary, Sweden, Russia, Italy, Egypt and Cuba, but the one produced in old Yugoslavia/todays Croatia was the top of the best.  

"The fantastic world of mushrooms" documentary (2019) on NETFLIX made by Louie Schwartsberg 

Paul Stamets Mycologist Psilocybin and OCD, PTSD etc

Breast cancer and turkeytale mushroom

Taxol + Herceptin + turkey tail mushroom (Trametes vesicolor or Coriolus vesicolor)

Combination of Ganoderma lucidum or reishi mushroom. 

Read about Food Matters. 


Esma Alic

Whole way to the Olympics - without sponsorship

Esma is daughter of my friend, who came to Norway as a refugee and went back to Sarajevo after the war ended.

With hard ski-training, climbing and having only hard working parents and family as sponsors, she managed to come to the

Olympic Games Beijing 2022. 45. place in Womens slalom. With more luck and maybe some new sponsorhips ,we will see more to this girl on next Olympics in 2026.

She had also a small role in a short film "The Chicken" premiered at the Cannes Film Festival Critics' Week that won the European Film Award for Best Short Film 2014 and screened in the International Competition of Sundance Film Festival. It went on to screen at 270 other festivals around the globe, winning along more than 70 awards. Esma looked fantastic on the red carpet shining side by side with other stars. This is proof that with hard work, and some luck - everyhing is possible.

Love. Forgive. Let go of old things. Have something to look forward to. Improve your self and build up a good karma.  

I was thinking of this the other day while we were working in the garden. I have to prevent weeds from taking over my garden, but is this a bad thing to do? So I admit: I have killed some spiders and ants and some not-favourite plants out there.

The question is: Is it ok to kill plants, and to kill spiders and insects that are useful for the environment.  Last sommer the ants were taking over the kitchen, and we used som "stuff" to stop them. I even asked them to leave like I have seen in one YouTube video where one woman talked to the water that was flooding her house and neighbourhood. She gave up fight and told water that it if it needs to take her house, it is ok for that water is trying to do that. And suddenly water "talked" back to her. And they made a deal that worked for both. 

Please watch this video:

Speaking to the Water with Pat McCabe - YouTube

Yes I felt pretty embarrassed by doing so, but what if it really works. 

Maybe we also can "talk" to the plants, insekts, animals the whole nature instead og destroying it. It would be cool if it worked. 




Eksamples of positivity and optimism from everyday life

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