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Pyramide of  Bosnia

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My journey to the pyramides of Bosnia in Visoko- the only pyramides I have visited

I did not know a lot about pyramides at the time we visited the pyramide in Visoko. Mr. Google sent us on 6 hours long complicated trip from Dubrovnik. We drove among mountains, cows, woods and beautiful nature.  On 40 degrees Celsius, with to small children, and to grandmothers we had about 2 hours disposition in Visoko. That means we did not see a lot that day. But what we did see is: 




From 40 Celsius outside to 13 Celisus in the Pyramide was a bit chilling experience for me. I wish at had better clothing for the adventure in tunnels of Ravno. While the others could enjoy, charge their body and soul, and charge their own stones/chrystals they brought inside, I was just freezing.

We had a a very good guide, young girl with a lot of knowledge about the pyramide. Mr Semir Osmanagic did say hello to us from the distance, but he was in a hurry. 

My mother in law ment that the tunnels reminded her of the tunnels in Kongsberg silver mines, or her own basement, but the orientation of the tunnels or her basement is not precisely like the orientation of the Giza pyramide, and pyramide in Visoko.  We had a lot of fun discussing this comparision. 

My man laughed at almost everything. He does absolutely not care about any pyramides or what so ever, but he drove me there for 6 hours and I love him even more now for that. 

He could not see any pyramides at all, and everything was of course much better back there, in Norway. 

Considering post-war situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, resources used to uncover and raising the whole project with high percentige of voluntary work and volunteers from the whole world - it is amazing what they have accomplished so far. 

The tekst on the stones in the Bosnian pyramide written in runic alphabet approximately 30 000 years ago:

"The gate/port is now closed"

What does that mean?

 to be continued...

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