Why did I get interested in secret codes? Who made the secret codes? Join me, help me find and enjoy the further search for the secret codes and their meaning. Or is it better not to know?! 

It all started with Dan Browns "Da Vinci Code", and "Shakespears hidden codes" documentary on norwegian national tv channel with Petter Amundsen. Then I discovered the books of norwegian author Tom Egeland, and I spent hours on the YouTube channel watching "Wisdom from North" with Jannecke Øinæs, "Gaia" with Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Dan Winter, Matías De Stefano, than Michael Tellinger, Sam Osmanagic, David Wilcock, Elena Danaan, Akiane, Mel Robbins and many other inspiring persons and lecturers.

Ancient Knowledge series, Attract Passion with Gasper Dolinar.

Petter Amundsens "Oak Island & the treasure Map in Shakespeare" led me to wanting to explore other mysteries of the world and find out who is hiding the secrets and the codes. Who was Shakespeare? Who was Leonardo Da Vinci? What are pyramids? What are mysterious secret societies? Who are the Knights Templars? Is it possible that our world is  just a  simulation? What about other dimensions?  Tesla? Annunaki theory? UFOs? What is 5G? Who rules the world? What is hidden in Rosslyn chapel and by whom? Have you seen any of "Expedition unknown" with Josh Gates? Have you heard about Michael Tellinger, Nassim Haramein, Santos Bonacci? Astrotheology? Have you seen any TED talks?  

After loosing my sister to cancer this year 2020  I want even more to find answers to theese questions and stop living my life as a zombie. I will share some things from my life, the lost fight for my sisters life, some health related reccomendations, tell you about Dubrovnik, the city I was born in and  meaning and definition of freedom. 

And finally "The Code I Am"- what is that all about? 

TheCodeIam under construction

"The Code I am" meaning

"Know Thyself"

Something has led me to search and research  and showed me path. Something higher?

Was it all coincidence?

A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection? 

I need to find out why I get signs in my everyday life. Signs and information just coming to me out of somewhere or maybe nowhere. 

Definitely not an expert in science, astrology, or theology. I have lived a normal average life until since couple of years ago when I started to sees signs. Now I would like to know more, before I die, before my soul get sucked in that small pinhole-sized black hole. Do we meet God, our Creator there? Or have we God inside of us all the time but we are blind to see and feel? Are we, people on Earth so full of greed, earthly greed and selfishness stopping our raise of consciousness. 

And what is it all that talking about "The Apple" and "The Gravity", "Time, and time-space", "Universe is dodecahedron", "The Alchemy", "The Doughnut", "Abc, Sanskrit and Hebrew and the Doughnut",  "Pentagram" and "Hexagram", 

"The Golden Mean", "The Phi", "The Counsciousness", "Magnetic Fields of Earth" and "Ley lines", "The Myths". Can we

decipher a secret messages in the old scripts and find more about our past and the future? 

Are the Star Wars real thing? How can steering of tornados save our Galaxy? What is a Jedi? Do Reptilians/Lizzard and the Gray people exist, or is it just a conspiracy theory? Maybe they really live on the other side of the Moon?

What is Kundalini? What is remote viewing?

What about dimensions, and how many do we have?  What does to come safely through death mean? Plasma projection? Ancestral memory? What are Akashic records? 

Is there really no good and no bad "up there"? 

Just a distortion of light? Can creation of our world be explained best with sound, words, geometry or all at once? Can we find the answers and the truth in the old scripts, and the old historic sites? Can we just trust those who can see the past and can predict future?  

Some say that our soul is indistructible. Are we inprisoned here on earth? Or are we here by our own free will? Where do we go after death.

Has Earth become a bottleneck and is stopping raising of consciousness in the whole universe? Can we people destroy Earth and all universe? 

Will Intergalactic confederation of 24 (Seeder culture of 24) save us? 

("The Strangest Secret in the World" by Earl Nightingale.)



The Moses code     

Code of I Am, consciousness of here and now.

Can we by changing here and now change the future? 

Can we stop the wars? Can we cooperate instead of compete? Do you believe that some people can communicate with ETs like Billy Meier and that UFOs are really out there? Do you still believe that we are all alone in the whole universe? 

Can we listen to Nostradamus and Vanga and change what they have said about future? I thing we can, but nobody listens. Why do we still have wars instead of making homes, providing food and secure humans, flora and fauna for that climate shift of Earths orbit change. Does change of gravity of Jupiter has something to do with this? We know the ice will melt away even without Vangas predictions. New technology evolves, but soon maybe without humans on the Earth.

Would I few years back in time believe that any of theese things I want to investigate were even possible? The answer is: "No!" 

Now it is impossible to go back in time before. 

I take time out and just enjoy life as it is, only life, here and now.

It is pretty scary idea that people can get abducted by aliens. And that there are good ones and the bad ones. 

Marcello Haugen (Mikael Martin Hansen Haugen born 6.july 1878, most famous clairvoyant Norwegian, the Legend in article written on www.numerologensverden.no 

There is also website for Marcello Haugen

www.marcellohaugen.no with a lot of good deep profound wisdom. He was founder of mysterischool Rosiecross order A.M.O.R.C. in Norway, which is world wide organisation, open for men and women, ideal, non-political, with no strings attachet to religious netwoks or any religion. 

 He helped rich and poor and did not differentiate people by any division. 

Here are Marcello Haugens Laws of the Universe:

* "Everything you send out-you recieve back. Remember: "EVERYTHING IS ENERGI"

* You shall treat the others, as you want to be treated by the other

* Everything is about the free will

* Everything is Light and Love. Thath is all that really matters

* The only thing that you really have to do in this life is to take choices (not to choose is also a action of taking a choice). It is only in now-time you can take a choice to handle.


* Force of thinking is enormously huge power. Be concious of your own thaughts, also the unconcious ones. 

* We choose ourselves our thoughts, actions, choices and feelings 

* Be grateful. Enter a state of gratitude to your self, the others and for ALL there is

* Love your neighbor/your nearest/next as you love yourself 

What have I found out so far?

I have so far found out that all of us have a soul that is indestructible. That means it lasts for ever and ever. But it can be free and It can be inprisoned. According to " The Only Planet of Choice" by Phyllis Schlemmer " The Earth - our Earth is the only planet in the whole universe where the souls have absolute freedom to choose whatever their heart may desire. We all are a part of God. We all have choices and we have opportunity to change future, every second of now-time. Future is not locked and predicted as many of us think. And yes, there is a karma.

Our body is made of, or borrowed from the Earth (Gaia/Gaea). And Earth is the most beautiful planet in the whole universe, most dense and most materialistic. That is why: "By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” (Genesis) That is why "stardust" is not just a stardust. We are stardust.

We have chosen to come here to learn, and because life on Earth is so beautiful and exciting, and materialistic, many souls are reborn over and over here on Earth. We somehow forget why we have chosen to come here. That is why we probably have lived many lives on Earth and we have been what we think of good persons, and we have been what we think of bad persons. We have lived life as a man, and we have lived life as a woman.

There is life in Universe and civilisations that are lightyears ahead in tehnological development. Some civilisations have dense bodies and some do not. Most of them communicate by different frequencies, not by language as we do. (and no, aliens do not speak English as we see in the movies) Some of them have visited Earth. Some of them are ourselves from the future.

There were developed civilisations on Earth before the civilisaton as we are today. The Annunakies, Atlantians, Sumerians, Egyptians etc. There were always wars and conflicts.

There are organisations, councils, Galactic Federation for real. There is light and dark. There is timetravel. There is a balance point in the Universe, and balance can be affected (destroyed) by people on Earth and destroy balance in the whole Universe.

And something/somebody that is called "The Nine" what I have understood is Enki or maybe not.

The universe is fractal, fractal mathematics. Everything is fractal and linked to each other also consciousness.

Tree of Knowledge and Kundalini awakening

The Apple = Pinel gland

DNA = two serpentine coils of energy = Ureaeus = Caduceus  = Kundalini =

Celtic Dragons = Tree of Life

The video on YouTube with link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6zAjOxLwl-0&t=2849s with Dan Winter and Elena Denaan

Theese are my notes from the video. I may have misunderstood all names and what has been said, so see it for your self.

Oncle Tom=Atum= I am Tahuti= I am Thoth= symbol of caduceus/Hermes= Thoth = phase conjugation in physics= Enki= chief science offiser of Annunaki= te hu te = Hootie= Thoth = name of royal line of Egypt Thoth Moses= t w t = dwd= line of David in the Bible =Tahuti = Moses line of king blood of Egypt= the Nine = The Father

Ra=Abraham refered to Enki = Great Father of all religions= Sun god

Annunaki life designers Kiristo (lord Christ) and Cadisto (Caduceous) = The Seeders

Amun= Enlil = Yahweh = Enkil = father of all vampyres = plasma parasite in solar system= the grim reaper = soul eater

Black Madonna (templar) is the daughter of Thoth= bloodlines Grail= Magdalena blood= children of Thothmoses =name of the bloodline of kings of Egypt.

Ancestor memorie dream lines heaven (Australia)

Thoth means Thoth moses = son of lineage=egyptian origin of Christianity (out of Egypt and House of Messiah)

Righteous Priest of Assinere is Akhenatan Tutankhamun becomes Moses, Aron and Jesus . That bloodline of Moses = bloodline of royalties of Egypt = sons of Thoth

Moses grave. Messes of= Moses means Born from from Yah mose ah mose

Yah =the moon Born from the moon

The moon in egyptian religion = Thoth = Born from Thoth

Moses Akenatan when he left Egypt tok the money and the Ark (implosive capacitor)

Ben ben stone.....

"A gift from the stars" by Elena Danaan

"The Seeders-return of the gods" by Elena

Danaan is most important book to read for every human of this planet. If you want to know truth, only truth, and nothing but the truth please read the book.

From that book: 

"TRUTH dissolves the illusion and HOPE is the fuel for victory.  

THRUT is the awarnes of being an all mighty, souvereign, highly intelligent being."

The Greys and The Black Goo = AI matrix dark program ++ enslaving the Humanity on Eart by broadcasting fear via mainstream media etc.

Humans become zombies when activated by frequency of the Hive program.

The Galactic Federation of Worlds,

Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds and Earth Alliance


Nataru, Terra/Terran wars

What is dark fleet?  

Alex Collier, Dr Michael Salla, Dani Henderson

Altea/Atlantis/communication technology

Hoova/Jerusalem/Hebrews/Jesus of Nazareth/

The Nazarene why so important for peace in the whole Universe? 


Socrates, Nostradamus, The Buddha, Elijah, Joseph (Egypt), Da Vinci, Blavatsky

Twentiy-Four physical civilisations, in another dimensional realm but collective consciousness.

Maria Orsic  energy portals and stargates 33.33

Symbol Innana/Ishtar/Astarte/Asjera/Aphrodite

Summerian/Annunaki language

"Metamorfose" by Åge Grønning

Maximillien deLafayette 

Elon Musk - important? Yes.  Good or bad for humanity - I do not know yet.  

New technology good or bad? Hologram and quantum technologies. What about unlocking frequencies? 

The Cosmic Secret  featuring David Wilcock -


Humans should not have nuclear weapons!

All religions are good. Only people with power are misleading people. When the "small" people understand this, then there should be a peaceful solutinons to all wars. 

Money is not measure of how good society works. Why do people need more and more money?  

There should be society without money where everybody is giving something to society and getting something back from the society. At the same time preserving nature.

Then everybody can thrive. Like new renaissance for the whole world.

This should not be extreme socialism/communism. 

We dont need extreme capitalism either. 

Europe is on wrong track now. Workers and middle class are not appreciated. There is no appreciation, no gratitude for the workers. 

USA model is not the best model for Europe.  

When we are on the way to be only 1% rich and 99% poor then 1% on the top can not be happy/feel safe either. People will hold on a bit more, but people are not stupid. Middle class do not care if some have more (it has always been like that), but if they are not appreciated and can not even pay their bills etc., situation  changes dramatically. 

History will teach us nothing. 

Silva ultramind  ESP system method to discover potential of your own mind.

Connections in movies and the truth: 

Star Trek (Gene Roddenberry)

Barbie movies




Star Wars

Geronimo Stilton

Stranger Things


Reference to the PDF format of book 

"The Only Planet of Choice

Essential Briefings from Deep Space"


Michael Tellinger YouTube channel: 


Dan Winter: 

fractalfield.com   and   goldenmean.info